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I'll bet we've been doing insurance for a million years.
And I'll bet we'll be here for a million more.

Well at least since Family Ties was on in 1985. That's when the agency was founded in Texas by Reta Springer.

  • 1985

    The First Cubicle
    Reta Springer started with Nationwide Insurance as a commercial insurance agent in Houston Texas. There, she insured warehouses, oil jobbers and wholesalers.
  • 1991
    Welcome To Virginia
    In 1991, Nationwide offered Reta an agency location in central Virginia.This was a big change from industrial Houston. She now focused on the plenty of homes and autos in the area as well as life insurance.
  • 1994
    Winning Awards
    With the Help of Kent, Laura and Esther, the agency won the Prestigious Nationwide Presidents Conference two years in a row. This meant the agency was one of the top agencies in America.
  • 1995
    The Second location for The Springer Agency was almost three times the size of the first office on Hull Street. Brand new and right near all of the neighbors - and Ukrops!
  • 2001
    Acquisition: Keysville
    An established Nationwide agent retired in 2001 and all parties involved decided The Springer Agency was a great fit for the town of Keysville Virginia.
  • 2005
    TSA4: Colony Crossing
    The new neighborhood of Charter Colony was a great opportunity for the agency to expand in it's Local area. Basically inside Brandermill, our Charter Colony location was a brand new and high tech new location.
  • 2010
    Reorganize for the Future
    It was time to reorganize the company for the future. Reta's son, Nick Springer, was promoted to Vice President of the Agency. It was time to start planning for real growth.
  • 2016
    Need More Space
    By 2016, we needed a larger space and we wanted windows this time. Commonwealth Centre had the perfect spot available with windows that overlook water - and all in Midlothian!
  • 2017
    Acquisition: South Hill
    Another retiring Nationwide agent approached the agency in 2017 to take over his established agency in Southside Virginia. Since the agency had 17 years of experience in another rural town, it was a perfect fit.
  • 2018
    Changing of the Guards
    2018 was a big year for the agency! Reta retired after a 33 year career and handed the reigns over to Nick and his wife Shannon.
  • 2020
    In July of 2020, after 95 years of Exclusivity, Nationwide Insurance transitioned all 2,000 of their agents into independent agents. The Springer Agency now offers all of the best insurance companies.
  • 2021
    30 in 30
    30th Year!
    To celebrate our 30th year in business, we decided to go big! Each week, for 30 weeks, we gave a donation to a charity, Association or organization that meant something to us. Each week, our agents got to suggest an organization that had touched them or their families.

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