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How do I Insure...

There are two main parts to a home policy: Property and Liability. The main part of the property portion is called Coverage A, or the Dwelling coverage. This is the part that will be used to rebuild the home.

When you first start this policy, your agent will do a Replacement Cost Estimator to determine who much insurance to put on the home. This is not EXACT but it is close enough as the policy probably comes with a buffer.

Remember, the Goal of any homeowners policy is to put you back they way you were BEFORE the loss. The policy is going to pay to have a contactor rebuild the damaged home, not to buy you the one just like it down the street.

What is your boat worth? That is where we start.

If you want Comprehensive and Collision, you need to ask yourself, or the internet, what will it take to go buy that same year, make and model (and trailer and motor too). That is what you insure the boat for.

Then think about liability... what's the worse that can happen on the water. Tough one.

The majority of boat polices carry around $100,000 for liability. This means that if you hurt someone - or their boat, you have $100,000 to protect you.

Sounds like a lot - except a new 25 foot Sea Ray out on Lake Gaston costs about $125,000

It is actually super easy to inure your furry loved ones. Premiums are only based on a few things: Type, Age, pre-existing conditions and what you want covered.

Pet insurance can be a combination of not only pet health insurance but life too... VET bills, check ups - all great reasons to start a really affordable Pet Insurance Policy.

Car insurance is very customizable - mainly because there are so many types of vehicles. Old, New, Fast, Slow, Truck, Sedan - so many types and they can all be covered under one policy!

When thinking about the coverage for your car, it starts with what would happen if the car was not there any more. Could you buy a replacement vehicle today?

If you can not afford to repair or replace your vehicle today, then you may need Comprehensive and Collision - commonly (yet incorrectly) called Full Coverage.

For 99% of the vehicles we insure, we do not need to worry about the cost of the vehicle because it doesn't matter. If the car/truck is damaged or destroyed, the company has to make you whole again. This means that they need to fix it or replace it with the same year make and model that you had -within reason and minus any applicable deductible.

Liability is a whole other subject. This is you thinking to the future to protect yourself against any possible lawsuit that may be brought upon you after you damage something or someone.

Our recommendation is do not take state minimums - in fact, we start every quote at TEN times that number and then adjust each policy to meet that specific clients needs. About 1/5 of our clients even go so far as going over $1million!

This one confuses even the best mortgage broker! But truth is almost every condo Assocation has different rules and by laws - therefore we understand!

Since you do not own the actual building, you typically only need to worry about the inside -or sometimes they refer to Studs In. Basically this is a Tenants/Renters policy on steroids!

First start with your stuff - imagine shaking your home upside down and all of your stuff falls out. Who much would it coast to replace all of those things (Clothes, Dishes, Furniture, TVs etc ). That is your Personal Property amount.

Then the tricky part. What does studs in mean? Usually it means that drywall, paint, carpet - all of that permanent stuff that is in-between the studs and your couch.

The absolute best way to make sure you are insuring your condo properly is to look to your Bylaws and see what the Condo Master Policy already covers. You just need to cover the rest.

When in doubt, you can always over insure... but only if you have no other choice. But we are here to help find a better way!

This is probably one of the easiest polices to start. There are only a few questions you need to answer!

How much stuff do you have and what happens if you get sued?

First - Personal Property. How much stuff do you have in your home? Imagine you shake your apartment upside down. The policies goal is to replace all of that stuff. So you need to give us a number of what that would take. Easy!

Second, how much liability do you need? What happens if a guest trips on your rug? What happens if your dog bites the neighbor? What happens if your frisbee breaks a window?

While other agents start with $50,000 or $100,000, we start with $300,000 and are most always going to offer you more... you never know and that's why we offer more.